International Capoeira Society


日期: 2016年9月2日(星期五)至9月4日(星期日)
地址: 廣州越秀區較場西路26號地王廣場一樓
詳情: 工作坊×3,比賽,T裇,客席師父,客席導師.
報名費用: 800.00元 全包

您的全名: *

您的巴西戰舞名字: *

出生日期: *

您的電話號碼: *

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您代表的巴西戰舞團隊及派系 *

您的導師的名字: *


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您會代表那個國家參賽? *

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您的身份證號碼: *

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您的體重(kg): *

您的性別: *

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比賽免責條款 *

I acknowledge I have voluntarily chosen to participate in the above 3rd All China Capoeira Competition and I have full knowledge of the risks this activity presents, including travel to, participation in, and returning from the activity. I am aware portions of this activity are not guided or supervised by the International Capoeira Society.I understand by being permitted to participate in this activity, I agree to assume any and all risk of injury or death. I further understand and agree to assume responsibility for risk of theft, loss, or damage to my personal property, which may occur at any time arising out of my participation in this activity.I understand and agree as a condition of participation in this activity, I will release from liability and will indemnify the member institutions of The International Capoeira Society, their officers, directors, agents, employees, assigns, successors, or lessors for any damage, injury, or death to myself or any other persons or property, in any way connected with my participation in this activity. I understand there exist specific hazards associated with this activity, to include injury and/or death, and I accept full responsibility for these hazards.I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand allof its terms and conditions. I understand this is a release of liability, which could legally prevent me from filing a lawsuit or making any other legal claim for damages in the event of my death or injury. With this knowledge, I am entering into this agreement fully and voluntarily. I agree the agreement is binding upon me, my spouse, my heirs, my children including any guardian adlitem for the children, my assignees, and legal representatives.I understand and agree by signing this waiver and release on behalf of my minor child that I am giving up the same rights for the minor as I would be giving up if I signed this document on my own behalf.

所有參賽者參加是項比賽之一切風險概由賽員自行負責。International Capoeira Society (以下統稱為 “ICS”)、其代理人及人員、義工、支持單位及其他與是項賽事直接或間接有關的個人或團體(以下統稱“主辦單位”)將不會對參賽者因參加及參與是項比賽(包括使用由主辦單位提供的設施或設備)而引致的任何傷亡、財物損毀及損失負上任何責任。


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我不同意 = I Don't Accept
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